Demolition Rig 24 mm Cranks

Demolition Rig 24 mm Cranks


Rig 24mm Cranks


  • *LIFETIME WARRANTY – Against cracks & breaks on the arms and spindle to the original purchaser

  • Dennis Enarson Signature 24mm Cranks

  • Heat Treated CRMO arms with built in ridge face for added strength and stiffness

  • Forged 24 mm X 48T splined boss that sites flush to prevent ankle scarring

  • 24 mm X 48T splined heat treated CRMO spindle

  • CRMO spindle bolts with 3/8″ ratchet and 6 mm allen keyed by CNC’d

  • 24 mm Mid BB bearings, cones and washers sold separately

  • Available sizes: 165mm , 170 mm, and 175 mm

  • Weight: 31.6 oz. (175 mm)

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